All Items

All Items

230-Fleur de Lis Black

165-Pearl Grapes

197-Gold Wire and Pearl

224-Pearl Gold Suns

221-Pearl Braided

213-Gold Linked Pearls

132-Blue and Pearl

195-Black Gold

130-Multi Bezel

162-Red and Pearl

178-Gold Fans and Pearl

118-Amber Leaf

172-Gold Suns
214-Art Glass

152-Red and Gold

107-Red Circles

128-Red Lion

241-Pink Rhinestone and Silver

232-Red Stone Rhinestone Straight

228-Moon and Stars 0

143-Antique Gold Seed Pearls

166-Pearl Champagne

175-Round Pearl Clips

226-Pearl Flower Pendant

222-Seed Pearl Bar Chatelaine

198-Multi Stone Pearl

168-Jet and Pearl

141-Green Bead

170-Soft Pink

183-Silver Pearl Rhinestone

215-Black and Red

199-Robins Egg

204-Gold Heraldic

156-Red Cross

151-Silver Flower

148-Silver and Clear Rhinestone

207-Woodland Faun

212-Heraldic Shields Straight

182-Rich Gold Pearl

108-Ruby Pearl Multi

117-Gold Pearl Delicate

220-Maltese Cross

121-Crown Jewels

131-Pearl and Flower

210-Silver Pearl

158-Clear Amber

217-Grey and Gold

163-Red Enamel Flowers

218-Ruby Red

160-Crystal Cross

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