Renaissance Spirit Jewelry
162-Red and Pearl

I am a history buff and a Renaissance Festival lover. Although over the years I have bought many lovely jewelry pieces from others I started making my own bodice adornments to enhance my Renaissance garb. I enjoy finding vintage pieces and redesigning them so much I decided to share my creations with others. 

I named my store Renaissance Spirit Jewelry because, although my pieces are not historical reproductions, they are made in the spirit of Renaissance. 

Every piece is unique. I hand craft each jewelry set from vintage pieces carefully selected for beauty and quality. I use both sets and individual pieces that match or complement each other so that the final product looks like it was originally designed for a bodice. Many pieces are constructed from collectible jewelry and care is taken to retain the integrity of those pieces.  

Some pieces are pinned-on while others are clipped-on or are attached with a combination of pins and clips. See the materials section for the types of attachments as well as information related to signed pieces.

Each adornment is pictured on my bodice, a size small. The pictured placements of the side pieces of swagged items are approximately 6" to 8" apart from edge to edge. The length in the item descriptions refers to the total length of the piece when stretched out. The length of adornments with no swags is just end to end length.

These adornments are flexible enough to look great on everyone.